This beautiful Greek Revival home was built in 1826 by Governor Edward Tiffin, the first governor of Ohio, as a wedding gift for his daughter.

The house features early woodwork and chamfered doors, a servants’ quarters and staircase in the rear and the early original windows.

The kitchen was added in about 1860 to join the old summer kitchen to the main structure.

The parquet floors in the hall and dining room were part of a modernization to “Victorianize” the home around 1880. The ornate staircase was added about the same time, together with the second story over the east wing of the house. The outside exit is evident in the downstairs half bath.

Later, the house was the home of Edward Tiffin Cook, winner of the pole vault gold medal in the 1908 Olympics.

The interior of the main house has been lovingly restored and furnished with period antiques. Both downstairs fireplaces work and are used through the winter.


For those who like ghosts, a
 Confederate Officer likes to
roam the Guest House on occasion!

A ghost lives here with dark hair and beard
On our brick walks sometimes his footsteps are heard
He wears a draped topcoat and may waken you at night
But he’s friendly, quiet and no cause for fright
He’s elusive, evasive and his countenance will fade
When there’s laundry, yardwork or bills to be paid.

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